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Digital Landscapes
no examples yet. basiclly a digital version of the traditional landscapes for better quality.
Traditional landscapes
Skull Island (2) by Hawkfire11111
Hawkclan Territory by Hawkfire11111
traditional style landscapes do include maps drawn in similar manner. Takes about the same amount of effort to create as a digital one so the prices are the same.
Additional Characters
Ref Sheet Adin by Hawkfire11111
Snow Kitty Naps by Hawkfire11111
for images with multiple characters just add this to the type of commission chosen.
Winged Sisters by Hawkfire11111
simple sketches with no background, or line darkenings. to see examples, try and catch a stream. i often just work on some of the older sketches in my back storage, which i don't often post here first. 
Think I Charge Too Litttle?
if you think my commissions are too cheap, just click this and give what you think i should be charging for them :D
Sketch Complex
lover's song by Hawkfire11111
wolf song in the moon's shadow by Hawkfire11111
non colored grayscale pencil drawings in day or night settings with full background.
Night Complex
Boogie Owl dark by Hawkfire11111
Let's Dance by Hawkfire11111
pretty much the same as the Day complex, save with a night time setting + appropriate effects. can be traditional or digital. 
Day Complex
Realy finished by Hawkfire11111
hawk and wolf together again. by Hawkfire11111
these are images with one or two characters having a full background and shading + effects for daytime settings
can be traditional or digital
Spanial Hug by Hawkfire11111
Valentine Tiger Nom by Hawkfire11111
a colored in line art or sketch with little to no background or shading.
Free kitten lineart 2 by Hawkfire11111
Hawk Khajiit by Hawkfire11111
kitten mini Female by Hawkfire11111
i'll make a line art, just a blank drawing, no colors, just lines. will watermark the ones that require points to use. the examples for this are free, save the khajiit, so have at it.


This is a role-play blog for the cubs of Sky-Lily's Cynthia and my Adin. Other cubs and cats in camp are welcome to be a part of this roleplay as well, but take into account that this will likely take place a few months from now, when the cubs are big enough to cause trouble. As they've just been born and all, roleplay set to now would not make much sense. 

Time: Morning (about 10: or so.)
Season: Early Summer
Location: Lightning empire's Nursery and Camp.

Right, let's tag everyone who should be part of this mischief. 
TsundereRaptor  with Vanille
Bugwhisker2 with Artorius
Squiggy13 with Sorrah

and I guess somebody's gotta be watching the fluff balls....Any volunteers?

(Do I need to add anything else?)
(Edited so the names can tag now....sorry)
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Serotina the Silver by Hawkfire11111
Serotina the Silver
Name: Serotina
(latin for "dusk"

Rank: Cub

Species: Caracal/Serval X Lynx/Snowleopard hybrid
3/8 Caracal
1/8 Serval
1/4 Eurasian lynx
1/4 Snowleopard

Armor: None, too young for it.

Dominant: Silver fur(Aa) Blue eyes (AA) Shorter tail (Aa) White muzzle markings (AA) Tear marks (AA)

Recessive: Serval "stripes"(aa) Lynx rosettes (aa) Large ears (aa) Light tail tip (aa) Stockings (aa)

Carrier: Green eyes, Longer tail, Prominent kite marking, Long fur, Brown coloration.

Mutations: Heterochromea. Left eye is Light while Right eye is dark. 

Note: Carrier Traits cannot be seen. They are the combinations that could have been but weren't

Current Apprentice: N/A

Other Apprentices: N/A

Past/Current Mentor:N/A

Personality, Biography, and History


| Curious| Inventive | Bold | Naughty | Playful | Clumsy | Honest | Glutton | Active |

"Oooh, what's that? What does it do? Can I eat it?"
Insatiable is her curiosity to the point it will get her into trouble more times than not. She can usually be found poking her nose in something she she was told not to.

"It's not useless, see! I bet I can get it to fix that."
With her curiosity comes the creativity to use things in a new way, ways most cats have yet to try. A stick can hold a rock on top if put just right, or some human rubbish can become a great game. Her pranks are also very creative.

"Hey, Who'er you? My name's Serotina, but you can call me Sara. S'easier to say."
Shy, she is not, and will often shove her face into that of anyone she hasn't met yet. This also comes out when it comes to trying new tasks, she goes whole heatedly into it with little fear of the consequences. 

She's just smacked someone's tail too hard to get them to chase her again. Often this trait is seen with her siblings as she will tease them into playing with her, and play practical jokes on her empire-mates to see the end result for a laugh. She is not above playing jokes on her parents either, and counts on her cute face to get her out of trouble. It doesn't help that her father lets her do this to him.

"Aww, come on, the rain isn't that wet. We can still play, right?"
It's not just when she's playing jokes that she finds fun. Any small thing can become a game for her, from kicking pebbles or sticks, to chasing balls of moss and feathers about the den. It is difficult to make her board because she will occupy herself with almost anything.

"Whoops....Sorry, didn't mean to bump into ya like that."
Not only does she run into things, but often trips on her own paws. These falls don't usually bother her though, as she just gets back up and keeps going. When playing a game it might get in the way of her winning, or when trying new tasks she might fall, and mess up.

"Yeah? Oh. Yup. I ate it."
At least she owns up to her mistakes. When something goes array with her pranks, she doesn't hide. Admitting it was her ususaly lessens the time punished, or the severity of said punishment. Sometimes she's sorry about it, but with most of her jokes she isn't.

"Hey, mom? Can I have some more? I'm still hungry."
Dinner time is a time to guard your supper. She's not above swiping food, even if she just ate. It's almost compulsive, however she can resist the urge most of the time. More than once, this kit's made herself a tummy-ache from eating too much.

"I just want to run around! Wanna run with me? Bet you can't catch me!"
Though she eats a lot, she usually burns the energy off with movement of some type. Often you will find her trailing after her father or mother, just running laps around the camp. It is the simplest way to occupy her but it entails that you get some excersize too...


Background Information

Family and Empire Relations


Mother: Cynthia of Lightning Empire
Status: Alive
Father: Adin of Lightning Empire
Status: Alive


Older Sister: Sorrah-(Same kindle)
Status: Alive
Older Brother: 
Artorius-(Same kindle)
Status: Alive
Younger Brother: Vanille-(Same kindle)
Status: Alive
Older Sister: Xalo-(Adopted)
Status: Alive
Older Brother: Pericles-(Adopted)
Status: Alive

Other kin-

Roxanne of Lightning Empire -Maternal Aunt
Emerald of the Bounty Hunters -Paternal Aunt
Darius of Ice Empire -Maternal Uncle
Leafdance of the forests of Greece -Paternal Grandmother
Stone In Winter Storm, of the Greek mountains -Paternal Grandfather
Atlas of the Bounty Hunters -Maternal Grandfather
Presumed Dead.
Nvanni, pet in Missailia -Maternal Grandmother
Presumed Dead.

Descendants: N/A

Mate: N/A
Cubs: N/A


Bullet; White = Neutral
Bullet; Blue = Friend
Bullet; Green = Close Friend
Bullet; Yellow = Crush
Bullet; Pink = Love
Bullet; Red = Dislike/Hate
Bullet; Orange = Family
Bullet; Black = Jealous
Bullet; Purple = Respect

Bullet; Yellow Lightning Empire Bullet; Yellow

[entry 1: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink:]
"Mom's always there for us. All of us. When me or Arty get hurt, she always licks us and makes it all better. I love her! She even took care of sis Xalo, and Perry. Gosh, mom's the greatest cat I've ever seen, she took such good care of 'em that they grew huge! Will I get that big some day? She scolds me and Sorrah for playing tricks on our brothers, but she'd never actually hurt us."

[entry 1: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink:]
"Dad's great! He's always got something interesting for us to do when he watches us. This one time, he brought us a special stick and told us it was a secrete stick! But then he shook it and it made noise! I didn't think sticks could make noise. That's just the coolest thing ever. Yeah, he fusses at me when I play tricks on Vanny and Sore and other cats, but it's not that bad."

Eumenide/Empire Leader/
[entry 1: :bulletpurple: :bulletwhite:]
"She's in charge of everybody in the Empire. Dad says I should do what she tells me too, but she never comes talk to us cubs. Maybe she's just too busy with the whole running the Empire thing."

[entry 1: :bulletpink: :bulletblue:]
"I think she's mom's sister sometimes, but mostly she just looks after us and all the other cubs in the nursery. Gosh it's crowded in here. She's usually good fun unless the littler ones have been in her fur all day. With out a nap, she gets kinda grouchy."

(note, she thinks of Temp and Dahlia's cubs as cousins because of their close age and size, sense they aren't her siblings.)

[entry 1: :bulletpurple: :bulletwhite:]
"Mom told me that he used to be the leader, but 'Retired.' I don't get what getting tired has to do with being a leader but miss Mindy must have tons of energy and never sleep. He's aunty Dali's mate and my cousins's dad, so I guess that makes him my uncle?"

[entry 1: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblue:]
"Roxy's great too! She comes to play with us sometimes, and even brings food. FOOD. Do you believe that? I mean mom and dad bring us food all the time, but Miss Roxy does it too. And she's not even our mom."

[entry 1: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: :bulletblue:]
"Xalo's our big sis! She shows us all these cool moves that mom showed her, and then when I ask why mom doesn't show us how to do that stuff, mom says we're too little. I'm not too little, am I? I'm bigger than Vanny!"

[entry 1: :bulletpurple: :bulletpink: bulletwhite:]
"He's ok, but he's way bigger than mom. I don't quite get how he's our brother, or cousin, or...I don't know. He plays with us, so that's good, but he's just too big to wrestle with."

[entery 1: :bulletpink: :bulletgreen:]
"Sore's the oldest of our litter, but that doesn't make her bestest. Mom keeps saying that we're all her favorites...Dad too...But sometimes I can win when we wrestle, even if she's a little bigger than me. She and me like to play pranks when nobody's watching us."

[entery 1: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletpink:]
"Arty's fun to wrestle with. Even if he's the oldest I think Sore's bigger than him. Mom gets mad when I pick on him and Vanny. Sometimes he gets in on the action, but mostly he just tells us not to play pranks. Kinda sounds like dad when he does that."

[entry 1: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletpink:]
"Heh, poor Vanny. He's the smallest of us, and can never keep up when we play chase. Every time I try to wrestle with him, he squeeks, and mom fusses at me. Just cause he can't play chase or fight, doesn't mean I don't like him. He is my brother after all. His head's as full of ideas as mine. Don't you dare pick on him or I'll bite you. I'm the only one allowed to do that....sometimes....when I don't get yelled at for it."

[entry 1: :bulletwhite: :bulletred: :bulletpurple:]
"Dad said we have an aunt in the Bounty Hunters. He also told us about when he and her were little cubs like me and my siblings, and that she was always stronger than him. I'm really not sure what to think of her. We've never met her, so I don't know if she's the evil type of cat who hurts others for fun, or the type like some of our empire mates, someone who just does what she thinks is right. I just don't know. Dad always looks sad when he talks about her and grandma. Would it make him happy if she would leave the Bounty Hunters?.....I don't know..."

Bullet; Yellow Outside Lightning Empire Bullet; Yellow

Plots and Prophecies, Wanted Status, and Empire Points


Empire Statistics: N/A
Empire Points: 0
Stealth: 0
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0
Speed: 0
Defense: 0
Intelligence: 0
Kenya And Echidna (Kamari-Inuzuka's SS) by Hawkfire11111
Kenya And Echidna (Kamari-Inuzuka's SS)
My secret santa for Kamari-Inuzuka of her hunter character, Kenya running with his friend, Scorpio1995's Echidna. sorry the quality isn't better, I was unable to finish it properly due to scheduling.

I really hope I made the deadline guys....was really stressing over that....
Erythros App Complete by Hawkfire11111
Erythros App Complete

Reserved | Easily Destracted | Brooding | Playful | Deep Thinker | Selfish | Diligent | Doubtful |

Disliking attention, he usually does little to draw said attention to himself. He's ok with two or three, but more than that and he seems to fade into the background of silence.

Easily Distracted:
He is ridiculously easy to destract and often wanders off in thought to himslef. This can make him seem to space out when he needs to be paying attention to something else.

If something is bothering him, he tends to recluse himself, hiding away from friends to think. He tends to think too much about some things, almost to the point of being unhealthy.

He won't pass up a chance to tease in a harmless manner, or play a game. Short games of tag, or hide and seek are highly enjoyed.

Deep thinker:
Even if he doesn't always voice his thoughts, he's always got something on his mind. From why the rivers only go down hill, to why do spiders look the way they do, he can reason out most things to himself. He gives up on something if it doesn't seem to have a clear answer at the time.

He's often not too giving when it comes to his belongings or food. Especially his food. If he really has to give it up, or someone he respects asks it of him, he'll give in, but otherwise, what's his is his and not yours.

As a student, he always tries to remember everything. If he's asked to do something he usually gets it done by the time he needs to, even if it's not quite done the way it should have been. Though this stretch of attention will wear him out after a few hours.

He has a strong sence of failure and often doubts his actions before taking them. His self confidence is pretty low most of the time, so he doesn't try as hard as he should. He thinks there may not be much point to it if he does.

Character Developments and challenges:

Erythros has weak lungs due to irresponsible breeding. His endurance is shot as a result. If he has to do anything too hard, he looses his breath and has to stop for a while, until he's recovered enough to start again. He can't run long distance, or carry much of a load. This makes fighting a challange too, as he can't endure drawn out fights. If forced to keep going, he'll eventually black out.

Relations (family/mate/cubs):

Mother: king cheetah, breeder.
Father:  Albino Cheetah, Tickled.
Siblings: none known, though may have many.
Mate: none
Orientation: heterosexual
Cubs: none

see...well none yet

-Genetics- (passable traits. Important for cubs later)

Cheetah spots, ''bald'' or without mane as an adult.

Recessive: (All (aa))
Erythronistic coloration, silver eyes, toe markings.

Albino fur, Tickled, retained mane, stocking markings.

Likes: Soft things, flirting, hunting, play fighting.

Dislikes: getting wet, cold! Being the center of attention. Criticism. Strenuous activity.

Bio Stats:

Name: Erythros

Age: nine months

Breed: Cheetah Erythronistic mutation

Weight: 92lb



Description: Reddish colored cheetah adolescent with cream mane. Strongly built and shy of people.

He wears a breast plate that slides over his head and buckles around his back. A matching saddle of hardened leather on a shaped wooden base can be attached via ties threaded through some reinforced holes in both the saddle and breastplate. The saddle must be removed first to access the buckle to remove the breast plate. If absolutely necessary, he can slide out of his turtle like armor backwards and make a run for it.


He was born to his red king cheetah mother in the home of her master. He grew up with two siblings, and his watchful father, an albino with violet eyes. They had originally been breed for their unique coats, but as the cubs grew stronger and bigger, the master instructed that they be trained to fight. After being separated from his family and locked in a cage, only his father came to see him. They were not plesent visits either, for his father trained him fiercely how to fight, for he didn't want to see his son killed in the rings.

Erythros was owned by a rich merchant who inherited his wealth. The man made a bet with a guard after seeing his cat in action during a ring fight, and lost the bet. The bet intailed that if the guardsman's cat won the fight without killing him, that he would win a sum of money and the cheetah. If the cheetah was killed or if the guardsman's cat lost, he would owe the merchant money. The guardsman's cat managed to beat the cheetah without killing him, and so won her master money and the cat. After the fight, Erythros's new owner took care of his wounds, carrying him home, and gave him food. When he had recovered enough, his new owner started a rigerous training schedule. He was properly introduced to his master's other cat, Emerald.

It wasn't long before he tired of this training and took advantage of his master's trust, fleeing in the night after slipping his rope.

Rp Example:

Erythros had been wandering for most of the night. The rain had held off, and he could see the beginning of the day just coming up under the edges of the overhanging clouds.

- Now you've gone and done it, Rith.- he thought, stepping on a dew ridden patch of grass. - You've really done it now. No home to go to, and I can't just go back. 

He glanced again at the silouette of the city before continuing along his path. He'd never been able to go so far. Frankly he'd never known a world outside of the city. His masters had both kept him inside the walls his short life. Even if his second master didn't cage him, he wasn't about to go back and be beaten for running away. His first master had done that many times when he wandered as a smaller cub. Erythros doubted that his second master's cat would be pleased to find him crawling back either. She'd been the type to not tolerant those she saw as weak, not even cubs.

Emerald had been a harsh teacher.

When he fell from so much training, the older soldier would make him  get up and keep on going...until he couldn't anymore. Then he'd wake up tied to his post, where his master had put him after the shecat had finished with him. He could say he didn't miss her. He looked again at the hills he'd been wandering and saw before him an open landscape. A river cut its way around a shallow stoney bank, and trees ringed the other side. Trees. A place to hide, to sleep. Where food might hide....

Food? How the heck was he supposed to find food out here?

Ok, so there's 3 things you'll need for this fun little experiment.
A pencil you can erase with,
And a 20 sided dice. 

First two are easy. The last one gets most. The game ''Magic the Gathering'' comes with one in a box set, and I've bought spares, been given extras and traded for my little collection. If you don't have one, you can download a free dice counter of some sort and use that. If you can't do that, find 5 six sided dice and add up the total. If it's more than twenty, roll again. If you decide you don't like you're option, do a best of three. For options that require a single number, roll only once more and keep the second roll! There's no point if you keep rolling till you get what you want.

On to the game!

(1.) Male or Female?
Roll dice, if Even, the dragon is a girl! If Odd, you've got a boy!
[   ] F
[   ] M

(2.) Graceful or Chunky?
Roll dice, if you get 1-10, you've got a long and slender dragon with a long neck and tail and legs like a greyhound. If you get 11-20, your dragon will be on the shorter, fatter side, with a shorter neck and tail and stubbier legs.

[   ] Graceful
[   ] Chunky

(3.) Fur or Scales?
Role dice, if you got 1-5, or 11-15, your dragon has scales for armor. If you got 6-10, or 16-20, your dragon has fluffy fur.

[   ] Fur
[   ] Scales

(4.) Frills or not?
If you got Fur in step (3.) Skip this step unless you like the idea of a frill on your dragon.
Roll dice, if you get 1-10, you've got a frill along your dragon's spine. If you get 11-20, your dragon lacks the decoration.
[   ] Yes
[   ] No

(5.) Manes away?
If you got Scales in step (3.) skip thks step.
Roll dice, if you get Even, the dragon will have extra fur along their spine and throat. If you get odd, your dragon lacks the decoration.

[   ] Yes
[   ] No

Things get a bit more complicated from here, as we go into details and extra fetures.

(6.) Beak or muzzle?
Roll dice, if you got an Even number between 1-10 or an Odd number between 11-20, your dragon has a Beak for a nose. If you got an Odd number between 1-10 or an Even number between 11-20, your dragon has a proper muzzle.

[   ] Beak
[   ] Muzzle

(7.) Horns or no?
Roll dice. If you get an Odd number your dragon has horns, if you get Even, no horns adorn their head.

[   ] Yes
[   ] No

(8.) Horn type?
If you got No in step (7.) Skip this step.
Roll dice, if you got 1 or 11, your dragon has ordinary horns, a simple shape that curves gently away from the dragon's head. Domestic goat horns.
If 2 or 12, they have segmented horns. (Think Spiro)
If 3 or 13, they've antlers like those of a white tailed deer or a Lung dragon.
If 4 or 14, their horns resemble frilled fins.
If 5 or 15, they are the curled horns of a mountain Ram.
If 6 or 16, the horns are in the tight spiral of a sea snail's shell.
If 7 or 17, they are those of an ox, or cow. Going outward from the head rather than backward.
If 8 or 18, their horns are rounded nubs instead of true horns.
If 9 or 19, they will have spiked horns, multiple simple horns rather than just two.
If 10 or 20, Suprise! You get to pick from 1-9 or 11-19! You're really lucky. Or you get an extra roll if you can't decide.

(9.) Tails?
Roll dice, if you got 1-5, the tail is plain, no extras.
If 6-10, the tail tip is fanned, like that of Toothless from ''How to Train Your Dragon''.
If 11-15, the tail tip is fluffy lie a lion's, or a donkey's.
If 15-20, the tip of the tail is spiked like a scorpion's.

(10.) Toes or talons?
Roll dice, if you got an Even number from 1-10, your dragon has 3 toed paws, like the Chinese lung.
If you got an Odd number 1-10, your dragon has 4 toes on it's feet, like a dog.
If you got an Even number 11-20, the dragon will have talons like a bird of prey. Three fore facing claws, and one rear facing.
If you got an Odd number 11-20, your dragon has five toes on it's front feet, and four on it's back feet, like a cat with dew-claws.

(11.) Large or small?
Roll dice, if 1-10, your dragon ia small as a house cat, an interesting pet, if 11-20, your dragon is large enough to ride through the skies.

So what did you get? I've gotten several fun designs and some flops. For an artist with a bit of block and want to draw a dragon, this works fine. I purposely left details like wing type, intelligence, ear types, and colors out for some flexibility for those playing the little game.

Have fun with it guys!~
Share your dragon's results below and you might see me sketch it. If you want to hear some of my results, feel free to ask.

I've got a fun way to come up with a name for the dragons too. Here's one success dragon from the game.
1. Male
2. Graceful and long.
3. Fur
4. Skipped
5. Yes has a mane.
6. Muzzle
7. Yes, has horns.
8. Ram's horns
9. Plain tail.
10. Five toes front, four rear.
11. Large enough to ride.

His name?
Bufiume AuPitu
(Boo-fume Ow-Pie-too)
  • Listening to: My techy beats on YouTube.
  • Reading: comments....they've been pretty short lately.
  • Playing: with my dreams.
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Hawkfire11111's Profile Picture
i enjoy life
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
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i hand draw most of my stuff takes a while to get stuff up.......that is if people ask for request pics.......which i do do.

Current Residence: ...i'll leave this to curiosity
Favourite genre of music: cristian rock, techno, smooth jazz and what i like to call, smooth rock.
Favourite style of art: cartoon style. just have fun with it
Operating System: my computer? got a dell laptop.
Favourite cartoon character: Garet from my favorite movie
Boyfriend: Wolfvorg
Personal Quote: "a life worth living is often missunderstood, rairly fair, and never going to be eazy"
This is a role-play blog for the cubs of Sky-Lily's Cynthia and my Adin. Other cubs and cats in camp are welcome to be a part of this roleplay as well, but take into account that this will likely take place a few months from now, when the cubs are big enough to cause trouble. As they've just been born and all, roleplay set to now would not make much sense. 

Time: Morning (about 10: or so.)
Season: Early Summer
Location: Lightning empire's Nursery and Camp.

Right, let's tag everyone who should be part of this mischief. 
TsundereRaptor  with Vanille
Bugwhisker2 with Artorius
Squiggy13 with Sorrah

and I guess somebody's gotta be watching the fluff balls....Any volunteers?

(Do I need to add anything else?)
(Edited so the names can tag now....sorry)
  • Listening to: My techy beats on YouTube.
  • Reading: comments....they've been pretty short lately.
  • Playing: with my dreams.
  • Eating: something meaty and high in iron.
  • Drinking: some apple juice.

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