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Digital Landscapes
no examples yet. basiclly a digital version of the traditional landscapes for better quality.
Traditional landscapes
Skull Island (2) by Hawkfire11111
Hawkclan Territory by Hawkfire11111
traditional style landscapes do include maps drawn in similar manner. Takes about the same amount of effort to create as a digital one so the prices are the same.
Additional Characters
Ref Sheet Adin by Hawkfire11111
Snow Kitty Naps by Hawkfire11111
for images with multiple characters just add this to the type of commission chosen.
Winged Sisters by Hawkfire11111
simple sketches with no background, or line darkenings. to see examples, try and catch a stream. i often just work on some of the older sketches in my back storage, which i don't often post here first. 
Think I Charge Too Litttle?
if you think my commissions are too cheap, just click this and give what you think i should be charging for them :D
Sketch Complex
lover's song by Hawkfire11111
wolf song in the moon's shadow by Hawkfire11111
non colored grayscale pencil drawings in day or night settings with full background.
Night Complex
Boogie Owl dark by Hawkfire11111
Let's Dance by Hawkfire11111
pretty much the same as the Day complex, save with a night time setting + appropriate effects. can be traditional or digital. 
Day Complex
Realy finished by Hawkfire11111
hawk and wolf together again. by Hawkfire11111
these are images with one or two characters having a full background and shading + effects for daytime settings
can be traditional or digital
Spanial Hug by Hawkfire11111
Valentine Tiger Nom by Hawkfire11111
a colored in line art or sketch with little to no background or shading.
Free kitten lineart 2 by Hawkfire11111
Hawk Khajiit by Hawkfire11111
kitten mini Female by Hawkfire11111
i'll make a line art, just a blank drawing, no colors, just lines. will watermark the ones that require points to use. the examples for this are free, save the khajiit, so have at it.


Roan of the Mohave by Hawkfire11111
Roan of the Mohave
Name: Roan (a form of Rowan pronounced R-Oh-n)

Gender: Female

Birthday: July 18, 2164

Breed Of Reference: Ruff Collie/German Shepard

Rank: Hunter


Roan wears an old leather Aviator's jacket she found in the attic of the farm house she and her family lived at. It acts as armor almost, protecting her back and shoulders from enemies attacks, as well as keeps the rain, extreme heat, and cold of the desert off her back. The pockets also serve to carry small things with her. A mouse or rat would fit in them easily and there are two, slightly bigger, pockets on the inside.

Sociable | Understanding | Cautious | Loyal | Calm | Spacey | Brooding | 

| Sociable |
"A pleasure to meet you."
Roan is usually good with working in a group and isn't too picky about who she's with. She doesn't care to be left alone for very long, as she has always had someone with her. As long as there is at least one other with her, she won't have much of a problem.

| Understanding |
"Yes, It is hard to deal with that..."
As she's gone though some hardships herself, she has learned that empathy is better for the social health of those around her than apathy. You get along better with others if you know what they're going through.

| Cautious |
"Wait! Watch it first."
She's definitely not in a hurry to figure out most unfamiliar things or dogs. As much as she likes to chat with and be around others, not all things can be trusted so easily. She'd rather test it than trust it. 

| Loyal |
"You don't think I'm just going to let you go by yourself now do you?"
Once you're past her caution, she'll stick with you. If she thinks you're in trouble, she'll at least try to help you. Roan is also rather defensive of her friends and loved ones.

| Calm |
"Alright, but it's nothing to get so worked up about."
Panic isn't her style. She's always been the type to sit back and wait if she had to, and is usually pretty clear headed during stressful events. 

| Spacey |
"Humm? I'm sorry, what was it you said?"
Don't try and sit her down for a lengthy lecture or lesson...She probably won't pay attention to you for that long. If made to sit in one place for long periods of time, her mind wanders, and her train of thought jumps tracks. If you natter at her constantly she's likely to just tune you out. Nothing personal.

| Brooding |
"I can't help but wonder...Did I do the right thing?"
Roan will sit and think about things quietly if left to her own devices. She usually has a pretty good outlook on life, but there are times when she broods on the past. Her self-esteem is also good, and as soon as someone comes by, she'll more than likely snap out of it and chat with you.

Character History: 

Newborn/6 months-
Roan was born on a farm in the hillsides of the Cold Creek area, east of the city. Her litter had been a large one, she had two sisters and a brother, and it was a good time for them to be born. The working dogs on the farm had been left behind with the livestock when the humans had left, so said the old ones. It was their history, what they were taught as little pups who played in the yard until they grew strong enough to help with the farm work.

Goats and chickens comprised most of their meat diet, while roots of varying kinds made up any of the vegetation they ate. Some wild berry vines and bushes had been grown into the failing fences, creating edible if fragile boundaries. The dogs on the farm numbered around ten, not including the pups. They made it 16, as a second mother also had pups at the time. 

Herding the goats and keeping the hens were not difficult tasks for the dogs there to do, the real challenges were keeping the wildlife away from their plants and animals....and keeping the goats and chickens from eating the plants. The pups were tasked with collecting eggs and chasing stray chicks for the first few lessons. Foxes and smaller nuisance creatures were also the pup's practice in learning how to survive, fight, and hunt.

Infected came, if rarely to the farm, seeking food, shelter and what have you. When one of them would come to the farm, the dogs would have to work together to get the creature as close to one of the spread out wells as they could and trap them inside it. There was a mutual agreement and rule, that anyone bitten would be lowered into a vacant dry well for several weeks to ensure the safety of the rest of the group, sad as it was. Most of the infected would starve and die in those wells. Those that didn't were killed by the fall into the deep holes.

These were the rules they lived, existed, by. 

6 months/1 year-
When the young ones reached the age where they began to notice the opposite gender, the time of choosing came. It was a ritual the group had when young dogs came of age. They could take a journey of discovery, to wander and learn about the world outside of the farm, to find their place in the world. Or they could stay, and learn to live as a group, protecting the farm and their way of life there. This pivotal point would effect them for the rest of their lives. Roan and Nutoro made the choice to wander, as did two of the others, who decided not to travel in too large a group.

The pair of pairs left and traveled their separate ways, Roan and Nutoro heading to the east towards the desert, and their sister and her mate, going into the more forested south west. 

Roan and Nutoro traveled the desert, following the old broken roads for several days before finding their first evidence of other dogs. It was in a town called Corn Creek, or that's what the dog they met told them it was called.  They spent the next few days recovering in an abandoned gas station, having figured out how to pry open a locked door and raid the rat's nests in the basement. The dog they'd met shared in their hunting before they split paths and continued on their ways again. 

It was almost a week before they came to the city of Los Vegas, and by this point they'd learned it was easier to travel at night than to trek about in the heat of the day. This behavior got them into trouble their second night in the city, and they were rescued by members of the Mohave pack. The pair of younger dogs were taken into the pack, where they shared skills, learned from each other, and settled in.

Roan became a hunter, specializing in being able to direct her prey's path the way she wanted it to go after herding goats and chickens. This became useful for bigger hunts that targeted more than one animal. Mice and rats wouldn't cut it for her.

None yet..

Roleplay Example:
Ask Emerald Anything by Hawkfire11111
Ask Emerald Anything
I have decided to submit her to the group's curiosities.
Go nuts cats.

+2 ep to Emerald?
May The Gods: Screenshot. by Hawkfire11111
May The Gods: Screenshot.
Just some Daddy time with Vanille.

Yes, now this took like, three different sessions to complete. I have finally figured out a method to transfer my images from paper to my laptop, seeing as I can't use my scanner. Hopefully this will enable me to post more. A good background experiment...I'm quite satisfied with it this time.

Detailed picture with background and shading. 
Second character.

+6 ep to Adin.

Adin (c) me.
Vanille (c) TsundereRaptor 

EBC (c) The group leaders.
Flowering Day  by Hawkfire11111
Flowering Day
this was something inspired by kaantarell 's Child's play . Since Adin and Raoul have been getting together for 'story time,' and the trio of Kiara and Ryder's are decorating cats, I imagined that Raoul would decide to flower Adin because he was familiar with him. 

+4ep full drawing, colored, shaded, with a background.
+2ep for extra EBC character.

6 point to Huffle-! ehem. 6 points to Adin please.

Adin (c) Hawkfire11111
Raoul (c) kaantarell 


Hawkfire11111's Profile Picture
i enjoy life
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
i hand draw most of my stuff takes a while to get stuff up.......that is if people ask for request pics.......which i do do.

Current Residence: ...i'll leave this to curiosity
Favourite genre of music: cristian rock, techno, smooth jazz and what i like to call, smooth rock.
Favourite style of art: cartoon style. just have fun with it
Operating System: my computer? got a dell laptop.
Favourite cartoon character: Garet from my favorite movie
Boyfriend: Wolfvorg
Personal Quote: "a life worth living is often missunderstood, rairly fair, and never going to be eazy"
This is a role-play blog for the cubs of Sky-Lily's Cynthia and my Adin. Other cubs and cats in camp are welcome to be a part of this roleplay as well, but take into account that this will likely take place a few months from now, when the cubs are big enough to cause trouble. As they've just been born and all, roleplay set to now would not make much sense. 

Time: Morning (about 10: or so.)
Season: Early Summer
Location: Lightning empire's Nursery and Camp.

Right, let's tag everyone who should be part of this mischief. 
TsundereRaptor  with Vanille
Bugwhisker2 with Artorius
Squiggy13 with Sorrah

and I guess somebody's gotta be watching the fluff balls....Any volunteers?

(Do I need to add anything else?)
(Edited so the names can tag now....sorry)
  • Listening to: My techy beats on YouTube.
  • Reading: comments....they've been pretty short lately.
  • Playing: with my dreams.
  • Eating: something meaty and high in iron.
  • Drinking: some apple juice.

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