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Digital Landscapes
no examples yet. basiclly a digital version of the traditional landscapes for better quality.
Traditional landscapes
Skull Island (2) by Hawkfire11111
Hawkclan Territory by Hawkfire11111
traditional style landscapes do include maps drawn in similar manner. Takes about the same amount of effort to create as a digital one so the prices are the same.
Additional Characters
Ref Sheet Adin by Hawkfire11111
Snow Kitty Naps by Hawkfire11111
for images with multiple characters just add this to the type of commission chosen.
Winged Sisters by Hawkfire11111
simple sketches with no background, or line darkenings. to see examples, try and catch a stream. i often just work on some of the older sketches in my back storage, which i don't often post here first. 
Think I Charge Too Litttle?
if you think my commissions are too cheap, just click this and give what you think i should be charging for them :D
Sketch Complex
lover's song by Hawkfire11111
wolf song in the moon's shadow by Hawkfire11111
non colored grayscale pencil drawings in day or night settings with full background.
Night Complex
Boogie Owl dark by Hawkfire11111
Let's Dance by Hawkfire11111
pretty much the same as the Day complex, save with a night time setting + appropriate effects. can be traditional or digital. 
Day Complex
Realy finished by Hawkfire11111
hawk and wolf together again. by Hawkfire11111
these are images with one or two characters having a full background and shading + effects for daytime settings
can be traditional or digital
Spanial Hug by Hawkfire11111
Valentine Tiger Nom by Hawkfire11111
a colored in line art or sketch with little to no background or shading.
Free kitten lineart 2 by Hawkfire11111
Hawk Khajiit by Hawkfire11111
kitten mini Female by Hawkfire11111
i'll make a line art, just a blank drawing, no colors, just lines. will watermark the ones that require points to use. the examples for this are free, save the khajiit, so have at it.


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i enjoy life
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
i hand draw most of my stuff takes a while to get stuff up.......that is if people ask for request pics.......which i do do.

Current Residence: ...i'll leave this to curiosity
Favourite genre of music: cristian rock, techno, smooth jazz and what i like to call, smooth rock.
Favourite style of art: cartoon style. just have fun with it
Operating System: my computer? got a dell laptop.
Favourite cartoon character: Garet from my favorite movie
Boyfriend: Wolfvorg
Personal Quote: "a life worth living is often missunderstood, rairly fair, and never going to be eazy"
Here's the low down.
You ready?


Eurasian lynx eat deer. Like white tailed deer. Not pigmy deer, but full sized deer. Like bambie's dad sized deer.

As regular olften as they hunt other prey. Also. They will eat just about anything they kill. Foxes included. Rarely badgers.

Wild life never ceases to amaze.

OK now that that bit of wonder is out of the way, I'd like to go onto other matters.

Update time!

-First update! I've officially gotten myself a job. Part time hours but decent pay. Still no online stuff guys. Sorry.
-Update two. Missing my sister. My little sister is about to move out and go to her college dorm soon, and well...I'm going to miss her sorely. As is she's not home much at all, so the transition isn't as harsh as it might be. She's always been at home with me and well...I don't quite know how to put it...I miss her already.
-Third update. Adin's ref is going to get some major changes to it as soon as I'm done, and with tommorow off I may be able to finish the update then. I won't post it till next assignment anyway, but it will be good to have it done ahead of time.

-Fourth...I have no idea, might stream tomorrow if anyone wants to watch.

Rp updates!
Current and ongoing rps first.
Adin and Alkaois sparing match  (BosleyBoz) Status: just about done. Do you want to start up round three of them?
Adin and Eumenide patrol (WFengs) Status: mid way. Having fun in slushy snow.
Adin and Kiara (::) Status: almost done. Objective, hunting.
Adin and Shani (::) Status: mid way. Walking and exploring the territory.
Adin and Axios (::) Status: started. Enjoying a chat as the two cats from different empires keep communications open.
Adin and Roxanne: (::) Status: almost done. Fishing in winter.
Adin and Theron: (rattarie) almost done. Introduced the cats to each other. Would you be willing to start up a second one with these two?
(If I missed anyone please let me know!)

Desired rps.
(These are mostly for Adin's character building and story more than anything. As stated in his reference sheet, he's a very social character. I want him to have as much interaction as I can manage with the other cats in his empire.)

Adin and Cynthia: (Sky-Lily) To deepen the relationship between the two cats.
Adin and Tempestas: (scarkit) To familiarise Adin with the cat he is following as leader. He wishes to get to know and understand the motives driving the empire's current leader.
Adin and Nike: (whospeakspizza) To get them acquainted. I'd also like for Adin to possiblely become the blacksmith's apprentice. He needs a new suit of armor made for his specific fighting style, which is more defensive than offensive.(already got it designed but I wanted some story behind it before I show any one his new gear.)
Adin and Achilles: (Drac-Keagan) Adin wishes to learn more about the fighting styles of cats his size and how they overcome the power differences between these small cats and their bigger advisaries.
Adin and Scion: (Asante-Sana) He wants to meet more of Cynthia's friends. As Scion is also Shani's father, it gives him all the more reason to want to talk to the cat.
Adin and Jayr: (Traijin) Similar reasons to that of Achilles. He wants to spar with smaller cats as well as larger ones to broaden his combat skills.
Adin and Damasen: (ValkyrieMoon) wants to learn more about this cat who smells so familiar, but not. (Adin is half snow leopard himself, but doesn't know it. The smell is familiar only because it was one he and his sister carried but his mother did not.)
Adin and Accalia: (xXTikiTikiXx) To introduce himself to the apprentices and learn more about the teaching methods in the empire.
Adin and Aura: (IceTalonTheOne) similar reasons to Accalia. To get to know the apprentices. 
Adin and Spotspot: (DappledSun) Mostly just to chat with the young cat who's silly reputation precedes him, as a kindred spirit for jokes and play.
Adin and Tobi: (Leaffall-Novelist) to introduce Adin to the youngest members of the empire, the cubs. As a traveler, half of Adin's cubhood never really occurred and he wants to know the cubs and play.
Adin and Ren: (Neroiox) Similar reasons to Tobi.
Adin and Selene: (Sketcherzz) Similar reasons to Tobi and Ren.

Oops..... I think I covered just about everyone in the empire....oh well, as much as I can keep up with...

I understand many of those mentioned artists are probably as busy as I am and may not be able to rp with me. It's OK if you can't rp right away. The major ones would be Cynthia, Tempestas, and Nike, who have important story roles I would like built for my character. If you are able to and wish to rp with me, just go to my page and shoot me a note. If you do not know how, just comment saying so, and I will instigate it.

Any and all new rps after today will be timed after the lighting shadow border conflict. Adin only got two minor scratches on his right side that heal quickly and do not scar.

Character updates.
I will be working on four new cats for the empires for their next opening. (Fingers crossed guys! On me finishing them on time.)

The first character would be Adin's sister. I will hold a mini contest to get her name. She will be among the hunters. Four year old snow leopard X lynx mix.
Second would be Hasana the king CheetahXJaguar mix for Ice empire. Two year old.
Third would be Adin's father. Pure wild snow leopard with lots and lots of scars. He's a six year old. His empire is undecided but I'm leaning towards shadow. Might hold mini contest for his name too.
Fourth would be Michael. He is a LionXCheeger mix. (Mother was lioness father was CheetahXTiger mix.) Perhaps for air empire. Eight months.

Adin specific updates.

Adin is going to have deep back roots with his sister near the city border. A fair warning, this will be a lot of reading.
Adin's mother's story will be added in part soon. Some history between her and Adin's father.
Adin will meet his father for the first time at the shadow border. They will not know each other for quite some time. Adin will remain ignorant of his father's identity. However Adin's father will know Adin is his son via the scent of Adin's mother being in his pelt and the white flag on his tail.(for those who don't know, lynx normally have black tipped tails.)
More on Adin's human partner will be added. Ie. Nationality and travel means.

I think that about covers everything new with me.

a anyone has some suggestions as to these events please, do tell. I would love to hear your inputs.

What do you guys think?

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