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Digital Landscapes
no examples yet. basiclly a digital version of the traditional landscapes for better quality.
Traditional landscapes
Skull Island (2) by Hawkfire11111
Hawkclan Territory by Hawkfire11111
traditional style landscapes do include maps drawn in similar manner. Takes about the same amount of effort to create as a digital one so the prices are the same.
Additional Characters
Ref Sheet Adin by Hawkfire11111
Snow Kitty Naps by Hawkfire11111
for images with multiple characters just add this to the type of commission chosen.
Winged Sisters by Hawkfire11111
simple sketches with no background, or line darkenings. to see examples, try and catch a stream. i often just work on some of the older sketches in my back storage, which i don't often post here first. 
Think I Charge Too Litttle?
if you think my commissions are too cheap, just click this and give what you think i should be charging for them :D
Sketch Complex
lover's song by Hawkfire11111
wolf song in the moon's shadow by Hawkfire11111
non colored grayscale pencil drawings in day or night settings with full background.
Night Complex
Boogie Owl dark by Hawkfire11111
Let's Dance by Hawkfire11111
pretty much the same as the Day complex, save with a night time setting + appropriate effects. can be traditional or digital. 
Day Complex
Realy finished by Hawkfire11111
hawk and wolf together again. by Hawkfire11111
these are images with one or two characters having a full background and shading + effects for daytime settings
can be traditional or digital
Spanial Hug by Hawkfire11111
Valentine Tiger Nom by Hawkfire11111
a colored in line art or sketch with little to no background or shading.
Free kitten lineart 2 by Hawkfire11111
Hawk Khajiit by Hawkfire11111
kitten mini Female by Hawkfire11111
i'll make a line art, just a blank drawing, no colors, just lines. will watermark the ones that require points to use. the examples for this are free, save the khajiit, so have at it.


Adin's RP tracker by Hawkfire11111
Adin's RP tracker
Well, that's what it was going to be, but I'm bad about updating anything. I track his rps and relationships mostly through my notes, using the folder system to sort through who's who. It's easier for me that way.

This was something i put together months ago, but never got around to posting it.

Now I'm just postkng it because i haven't posted anything in a long while.

No worries, you'll all see Cat soon. He's to be posted sometime this next week or so. Sometime between now and then, it depends on my motovation.
''So, you wait nearly two seasons before returning.'' Adin sat in the branches of the old lonely tree he visited once a week almost. He was laying over a lower branch, guarded by thick new growths of foliage the tree produced. He had his armor on, and he stood out against the stark green leaves.

Emerald stalked back a few steps, not having realized that her brother had still been in the area. ''Wait? You thought I waited? How foolish of you.'' She bared her teeth in that wicked smile she wore. ''You should know-''

''That you've been visiting here far more often than that?'' He let his head rise off of his paws, ''That I do know.'' The grey male twiched his tail as he contemplated climbing down. ''You saw my prints then. My messages.''

''What of it runt? Or should I call you rat?'' She lashed her brown spotted tail, letting the tip twich almost violently a few times.

''Frankly I do not care what you call me.'' He smirked at her from his perch, setting his head down again on his crossed forepaws. ''So long as it is not late for supper.''

''Oh ha, ha.'' She snarled. Benith the bared teeth and narrowed eyes, she wondered just how many times he'd seen her come, just how many times had he followed her in this underbrush without her knowledge. Did he know?

''Yes, I thought it quite witty myself. Now, may I come down and speak with you like a civilized cat, or are you going to try to eat me again.'' -Speaking of supper...I am actually pretty hungry right now.- His tail waved slowly back and forth in a patiant wave.

''Oh I don't know, I don't think rats taste very good. I prefer mutton.'' She sat down and continued snearing up at the cat who claimed to be her brother. ''But I'll still kill a rat if I catch one. My human rewards me if I do.''

''Alright. But I think you should know, this 'rat' has quite sharp teeth and will not be so easy to kill as you think.'' He could see that she was prepared for him to either land on her, or for him to try and run away. He thought of his last two remaining options carefully. He could either stay up in this tree and wait her out with words, or climb down carefully. The grey male decided the latter route to be the most effective. Adin didn't like to talk down at another cat.

As her brother started making his way down the tree with great care, Emerald let her snearing expression sink into a rather observent scowl. She noted the scars she'd left on his cheek as his rear paws connected with dirt and he turned to face her. Those scars made her feel guilty. She hadn't really ment to hurt him then. The shock had made her lash out. Or that was how she rationalized it.

''Oh come now, are you that unhappy to see me sister?'' He smiled warmly at her despite her agressive behavior.

''Unhappy is the wrong word.'' Her lower lip curled to expose her teeth for a brief moment. ''Try happy.''

''Happy?'' He scoffed a moment. ''You look anything but. You look like someone stole the last bite at a feast and you did not get anything.''

''Wrong kind of happy, rat.'' She sneered again. That mean grin perking up on her features for a moment. ''I get to bring you in, to meet my human, then to be put in the rings and watch you fight.''

''Oh. Well that kind of happy makes me want to go home, instead of with you.'' His smile vanished for a moment. ''Perhaps I could convince you-''

''To go with you? Not likely, rat. Yours would probably just capture me and pump me for all the information they could.''

''I was going to say 'leave me here,' but I guess I might have, given enough time.''

''You can forget about that too. What did you think I was going to do? Waltz up here, bid you good day and be done with it? You're a greater fool than I thought, rat.''

''Look Fawnspots-''

''Don't call me that! That isn't my name anymore.''

''And I am not Riverstone any longer. What name do you go by now, sister?''

''Don't call me that either, fool.'' Her ears laid back tightly, but she answered him anyway. ''Emerald is the name my human has given me. That is the name I go by.''

''The name I use was also given to me by a human.'' He watched as her ears perked with interest at this statement. ''I go by the name Adin. Emerald is a lovely name. It suits you.''

''I don't care what you think of my name.'' She kept her ears back for the most part, but one question came out before she could stop it. ''Why did you abandon your human and go wild?''

''I did not just 'go wild,' I was taken in. My partner was killed by other humans.'' It was Adin's turn to pull his ears back. He hated that memory. ''Like I was going to hang around and be killed in the rings. No thank you.''

''So what? Humans kill each other and cats all the time.''

''That does not make it right.''

''Humans are more powerful than cats. You should submit to them and thrive.''

''Submit and thrive? Is that what you think I should do?''

''That is what I just said, fool. Are you so daft as that?''

''Daft I am not. By Submit, you mean let myself be locked up in a cage, and by thrive, you mean let them slit my throat? I find it very hard for anything to thrive once it has been killed.'' He narrowed his eyes, the joking easygoing cat was almost invisible. ''If humans are so powerful, why then do they need cats to hunt for them? Why do they need you to come and capture me?''

''If I brought you to my master, I'm sure he'd keep you. With a little more training, you could work well for him. He wouldn't kill you.''

''but others would. Your cats would do the same to me, torture me and get as much information from me before they killed me. You would not be able to save me. They would brand you a trator if you even tried to. Or weak. Soft hearted.'' His features drooped. This conversation was going nowhere. ''I do not wish to fight you, Emerald. You are my blood, my kin.''

''And yet, here I sit ready to do just that, fight you and drag your sorry carcass back to the city where you belong.'' -I don't want to hurt you, brother!- a part of her screamed against what she was preparing to do.

''Do you forget we were wilders?''

''That doesn't matter. The humans rule us. You should come back with me. Even if I have to drag you back.'' She stood up, taking a pace towards him.

In responce the male also stood, taking a step back and lowering his head. ''Emerald. I am-'' He stopped, ears pricked, and planted his feet under himself, ready to spring away.

''You're what?'' She let her head raise, agressively padding in a circle around him.

The gladiator knew better than to let her go all the way around behind him, so he turned, continueing to face her. Adin was also careful to not let the tree stay directly behind him. He didn't want her to pin him against it. ''I am leaving here.''

''Do your precious empirelings even know your out here? Do they care? Will they even notice? How long before one of them starts to look for you?'' The brown feline taunted him. ''What'll they do about it if I bring you home? If I killed you here? Would they come and kill me?''

''Emerald.'' He narrowed his eyes. Adin knew he couldn't out fight her, he'd learned that much from their last encounter. If he could manage to out run her,  he'd be away before she could scratch him. He knew this land like he knew his own nose. She didn't. She wouldn't dare chase him very far into the territory, would she?

She could tell he was going to run, cornered prey always ran. It made it more fun when they'd look at her in shock as she brought them down. ''I won't let you get away!'' She gave a yowl and leapt at him.

Adin ducked and dashed off into the long grasses grown high with spring weather. She wouldn't be able to chase him for long. Or so he hoped. All he could do was run around until she gave up on chasing him.
A Second Meeting
Emerald and Adin meet at the tree again, discuss some irrelevant facts, and then she chases him around the tree like a dog chases his tail.
Is past 1 am, going to bed now.
Emerald Fire Fight by Hawkfire11111
Emerald Fire Fight
Wanted to try something with the lighting. Might add a few more highlights to the metal bits of her armor but boy did I have making this.

Firelight's hard.

Originally it was supposed to be a fight, but I decided she looked better with the darker background. Looking like she's going on a late night stroll and some humans find her walking, curiously swing their torch that way and illuminate her.
Secret Santa for Noshatock by Hawkfire11111
Secret Santa for Noshatock
Here we are!~ 

I actually spent longer on it than I usually spend on most of my stuff. 
(Got loads of sketches to post if anybody wants to see em.)

There wasn't anything specific for Nashatok 's other character so I tried to do the one he was more elaborate on. His shadow cat, Itzal, lounging lost in thought while looking at his fellow empire mates.

You'll also note a few random cats thrown in for fun....lots of tiny details.

Two apprentices about to annoy a sleeping lion, some gladiators who are chatting, lounging or about their own beeswax.

Merry Christmas everyone!~
If I Fell by Hawkfire11111
If I Fell
Who'd hold them up?

I just want to fall to pieces,
In Someone's arms,
It HURTS so much...


I Don't.


If I fell apart,
Who would hold Them together?
So I weep.


So they won't colapse.

I'll be the strong one, who holds their shivering form.
I'll be the one to say, "It's going to be ok."

They'll see nothing but smiles,
They'll get nothing but comfort.

"Don't worry," I say when they ask,
"What about you?"
I say, "I'll be fine." As my soul screams.
It wrends in a sound undescribable.

I hurt, just like them,

If I fell, Who'd hold them up?

Who'd stop them from falling


For those who don't know, I'm grieving over the loss of a well loved family member. She died peacefully, she didn't suffer.
She's gone, and I'm trying my best not to fall to bits on those who I know are hurting more than I am. For me, she was a great grandmother. Someone you don't often grow close too.  For them, the ones I'm trying to support, she was a mother.

If I fell apart on them, I'd probably trigger a whole on slot of tears, and pity. I don't want pity. Pity is from someone who doesn't feel the same hurt over that event. Empathy? You can call it that. I still don't want it. It's the same thing in a different verbal form. I hold together and hold them together too. I know I'm strong enough.

I don't bottle it up either. I know from watching others, that it'll just expload like a shaken coke if I let it sit. 
So what do I do? I wait till times like this, when I'm by my self and nobody but me and my Lord know and can see, and bawl like a poopy baby...just not quite as loud. I don't want to wake them.

Also, vent art seems to make me good at drawing humans again.
Saddly weird.


Hawkfire11111's Profile Picture
i enjoy life
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
i hand draw most of my stuff takes a while to get stuff up.......that is if people ask for request pics.......which i do do.

Current Residence: ...i'll leave this to curiosity
Favourite genre of music: cristian rock, techno, smooth jazz and what i like to call, smooth rock.
Favourite style of art: cartoon style. just have fun with it
Operating System: my computer? got a dell laptop.
Favourite cartoon character: Garet from my favorite movie
Boyfriend: Wolfvorg
Personal Quote: "a life worth living is often missunderstood, rairly fair, and never going to be eazy"
First things seeming absence. I really haven't been gone. I get on about once a day, usually after work for a few hours, check my comments and notes for responses, and move on to other projects. I'm still sketching like a nutter bug, and got plenty of paper sketches to prove it. Been working on my under bite dragons and beaked dragons. 

EBC has taken over my artwork cat wise, and I'm still waiting on rp responses from....everybody. I should be up to date with you guys, if not, message me or send the last one to me again.

A few character updates will be added soon, to both Emerald and Adin, Adin's going to get a facial redo, not much of one, just a bit of an edit on his current one. Emerald doesn't want to divulge anything about her feelings towards her brother to any of the hunters, and that info never leaves her mouth. Adin's got bunches of thinking to do about Em, and what he's going to do about her being a hunter. 

I've not been so diligent about checking journal posts or pictures, but some of ya'll will see I'm starting to go through all those pics in my inbox.

Other than that, on to rl developments.

Boyfriend has done what he usually does when I tell him what I want for Christmas, gone and got it and wanted to give it to me right then. Had to refuse and send him home with it to hide it from me and properly surprise me with it.

Got my cousins' gifts taken care of, for the most part. Younger siblings are getting money or have already been bought.

Still got to get gifts for my two older sisters. The Air force sister's gift is already decided on, the Nun's is harder to pick. I need something practical she'll actually use, but isn't tacky, or extravagant. Books are usually good, but idk what she wants to read, cloths I hate shopping for and I have no fashion sense. Any ideas guys? And no, I'm not going to get her socks....or a Bible.....


I'm back into my childhood roots with paliantology. (    "We're Back" from "The Land Before Time" anyone? Feel free to post about all the dino funsies you guys remember. I might start drawing the dinos again. Share your faves!~)

And in other news, I finally found some aquamarine plush fabric! Gah! This stuff was hard to find....I'm planning on making a jacket out of it and black with fuzzy wrists and rimings around the hood and bottom. I'll have to post it when I finally make the thing.

So much to do on my list this year guys, and the year's almost over!

Thanks for reading!~

Hawk, out.
  • Listening to: My techy beats on YouTube.
  • Reading: comments....they've been pretty short lately.
  • Playing: with my dreams.
  • Eating: something meaty and high in iron.
  • Drinking: some apple juice.

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